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All Agents Are Created Equal

  The Truth is that all agents are not created equal! When choosing a real estate professional to work with, many consumers neglect the Performance factor. Did you know that 6% of the agents do 94% of all the real estate business in Central New York? This means that you have a 94% chance of […]


The Agent Knows the Price

The Truth is that most agents do not know how to effectively price your home! Many┬átimes you will meet agents that will tell you that you can sell your home for more than market value. These agents are just attempting to “acquire” your business by not being truthful or they are not experienced enough to […]


Open Houses Sell Homes

  Are open houses an effective marketing strategy when selling a home? The truth is that only 3% of all sales in the Central New York area, occur as a direct result of an open house or brokers open. So, one would ask, Why do many agents use such an Ineffective Marketing Strategy? The first […]