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Communication Guarantee

Most home sellers are looking for a real estate agent who is a good communicator and who is readily available by phone or email.

One would think that every agent has a system to keep the home seller informed.

However, the truth is, that after the listing agreement is signed, many home sellers never hear from their agent again.

In fact, Lack of agent communication, is one of the biggest complaints for home sellers.

We believe, communication is the cornerstone of a successful relationship and home sale.

Because of this, we have a implemented a Communication Guarantee, which ensures, that our home sellers will be contacted every week by phone, email, or text.

Our system keeps the seller updated about the marketing of their home, the showing feedback, and market trends, so they can stay ahead of their competition.

So, the choice is yours. Do you want to work with an agent that offers a Communication Guarantee, which will save you time and money, or a non responsive agent which will cost you time and money.

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