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All Agents Are Created Equal


The Truth is that all agents are not created equal!

When choosing a real estate professional to work with, many consumers neglect the Performance factor. Did you know that 6% of the agents do 94% of all the real estate business in Central New York?

This means that you have a 94% chance of choosing the WRONG agent based on PERFORMANCE.

Why does performance matter? Think about it, everyone wants to work with a top attorney or doctor, or even the best mechanic.

As consumers we tend to seek out experts. Yet, when it comes to choosing an agent, Performance is usually not the driving factor.

When selling one of your greatest assets, performance should matter, as performance produces results.

Do you want results and a successful sale? If you do, then you need to choose an agent based on current PERFORMANCE. You may be asking, what is our performance?

On average, we sell 160 homes per year, as the average agent only sells 8 homes per year.

Our small team sells more homes than any other agent or team in the Central NY area.

By helping so many people each year we have become market experts. So, the choice is yours.

Do you want to work with the top agent, or the wrong agent that could cost you time and money?

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