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Open Houses Sell Homes


Are open houses an effective marketing strategy when selling a home? The truth is that only 3% of all sales in the Central New York area, occur as a direct result of an open house or brokers open.

So, one would ask, Why do many agents use such an Ineffective Marketing Strategy?

The first reason is to make, YOU, the seller happy.

The second reason, is for the agent to find buyers.

These buyers are not usually interested in your home, however, many agents have found open houses to be an effective way to grow their real estate business.

And lastly, many agents hold open houses as they do not have other marketing channels to attract buyers, and they do not invest in buyer lead generation and Internet marketing systems to expose your property to ready, willing, and bank qualified buyers.

Remember, 92% of all buyers start their search online. So, the choice is yours.

Do you want to work with an Internet marketing expert or a traditional agent that uses ineffective marketing systems such as open houses to their benefit, not yours, which will just cost you time and money.

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